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About the potter

Initiation tour du potier

Photo credit: Caroline Bopp

For 20 years I traced my path in the industry.   Then the desire to create caught up with me. In 2021, I met Claude Louis, potter in Marmoutier. He introduced me to the earth and pottery became my passion, I had found my way. I then changed path and set out to discover this profession.


After 10 months of apprenticeship at the International Professional Center for Ceramic Arts Training, accompanied and monitored by an experienced team,  I was able to express and share my values through my creations. A first exhibition was born.

- Bois-de-Haye on 06/2021 : organization and setting up of the exhibition "The table of seasons, materials and meaning".

- Bois-de-Haye on 08/2021: professional certification   (Plastic ceramist). Level 5, bac +2.

- La Petite Pierre on 01/09/2022: creation of my workshop "La Maison Terre".

  This is how I became "the potter of the Little Stone",  it is with you that I will write the rest of this story.


My inspiration

The heritage, fauna and flora of my region: the Northern Vosges.


Tell stories

Each object tells the story of a place, reflects the identity of a territory. My creations will take you on a journey through the seasons and the senses... art objects imbued with poetry...


Let the material speak

Include in my creations the materials that shape our territory: its clays, its sands, its sandstone, its plants and its signs...

My inspiration

- Privilégier les circuits cours pour l'achat des matières première.

- Réduire l'utilisation des plastiques.

- Utiliser au maximum l'eau de pluie dans le processus de fabrication.

- Recycler l'argile et l'eau afin d'optimiser son utilisation.

- Proscrire l'utilisation du cobalt et limiter l'utilisation du carbonate de cuivre.

- Limité l'achat d'émail préparé par l'industrie (manque de traçabilité et impact négatif sur l'environnement voir FDS).



Calculer le bilan carbone de mon activité afin de mesurer et de suivre la quantité de gaz à effet de serre émis par mon entreprise "Les Maisons Terre et Plume".

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